Welcome to another edition of The Lab Report!

If you’re getting this email at 5am, you must be thinking… “wow Sunny, you’re such a cool, productive, early riser!”

I’ll take that compliment and pretend it’s true.

But ever since I switched email platforms I learned that sending in smaller batches over the course of a few hours is apparently really good for engagement rates.

Especially if you’re sending from your own domain now and are still warming up your sender reputation.

After trying this, my last newsletter had a 50% open rate – one of the highest ever – but I’m sure it was partially due to people being interested in the Cwicly drama.

Normally I write these when I’m nice and relaxed on a Friday afternoon and then send them just-in-time before everyone’s checked out for the weekend…

But now I’ll actually need to write them in advance.

Or just send on a Saturday. We’ll see which one is more likely to happen 😅

The good news though?

No crippling WordPress drama from the last couple weeks!

📈 AB Split Test’s pricing going up [drastically] in a couple hours

AB Split Test price is changing

Putting this at the top because of the time sensitivity.

AB Split Test is raising their prices quite significantly today.

The unlimited plans are going away, and the highest tier will cost 4x more.

Currently the unlimited LTD sells for $549, but will be changing to $1999 for 99 sites.

AB Split Test has been on my wishlist for a while, so it seems like now’s the time to go for it if you plan on doing any A/B testing in the near future.

While I haven’t yet used it extensively, I was quite impressed by it when running some tests a couple months back.

You can split test full pages, individual blocks, Bricks, Elementor, Breakdance, Oxygen elements etc.

The big thing for me is that you can use a Conversion Pixel to track external events as well.

I previously purchased Split Hero a few years ago, but you can’t use it if you have a landing page in WordPress and your checkout on a different platform like ThriveCart or ClickFunnels.

You can with AB Split Test.

The UI isn’t exactly the prettiest, but the features more than make up for it.

Anyways, you can check it out here before prices go up at noon EST today.

🎥 How to create an infinite scrolling logo carousel (super easy!)

How to create an infinite scrolling logo carousel

I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but I published my second YouTube video of the month.

(It’s such a simple tutorial yet somehow already has 2.1k views 🤔)

This one shows you how to add a smooth, sliding logo carousel to your website – where logos glide seamlessly across the screen in an infinite loop.

It’s actually way easier to implement now than it ever was before. You don’t need any slider plugins or JavaScript.

Originally I just wanted it so I could make this dumb text scroll across my wedding website:

Best Wedding Ever ticker

I’m really happy with how my wedding site turned out btw. Of course it had to be custom made.

I’ll share it with you once I’m all hitched up so that we don’t have any cookoos from the internet showing up on the day of (you never know).

P.S. if reading is more your thing, I published an article version of the tutorial here as well.

🤖 Game-changing AI inside of WordPress coming soon?


AI buzzword GPT LLM blah blah blah.

Most AI-related WordPress plugins don’t really do anything useful.

This looks like it could actually be interesting though.

Our boy James LePage just released a teaser for his new product, AgentWP.

Here’s a video to get an idea of what it does:

AgentWP: An AI Co-Pilot for WordPress - Watch Video

Basically it can navigate through your site and perform real-life actions for you.

It will be able to automate updates, perform security scans, create content, add design elements, moderate comments, and alert you if there are any major site issues.

It almost sounds too good to be true, which would normally lead me to be hyper skeptical.

I’m still skeptical, but not hyper skeptical.

I know James has been working hard the last couple years building CodeWP – which has been trained on a ton of WordPress data.

That gives them a good headstart.

Instead of only giving you a tool to ‘write your own code’, they’re now using that dataset to perform the tasks for you.

That’s a pretty brilliant play to be honest.

If AgentWP actually works, this could be one of the biggest WP game-changers in a while.

🤗 That single font-size aesthetic

Saw this tweet from Adam Wathan a few days back:

"Currently obsessed with the single font-size aesthetic of @emilkowalski_'s blog 👌🏻"

A couple examples:

I didn’t know single font-size websites were a thing.

There’s something about the simplicity of it that’s weirdly alluring.

I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about it.

Single font-size websites.

☁️ Closing Comments

That’s all from me this week. Thanks for reading until the end!

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