Now that the chaos of Black Friday has settled and we know exactly what deals are out there, it’s a good time to evaluate if there’s anything you might still need.

Like I mentioned in Friday’s newsletter, it’s very easy to get sucked into all the hype.

But at the same time, there are actually some great tools that are having their best sale of the year.

I wanted to highlight a few tools that I think are rock-solid and are worth picking up if you have a use for them.

These are tools that are best-in-class now and can be implemented right away. No waiting around hoping they pan out in 6-12 months.


1. WooFunnels

If you or your clients have a WooCommerce site, a funnel builder like WooFunnels is worth its weight in gold because you can almost instantly make your money back.

WooFunnels is already probably the best funnel builder for WordPress, but they’re also releasing their Funnel Builder 2.0 and Autonami 2.0 (marketing automation) within the next couple of months.

It also has a direct integration with Oxygen, which none of the other funnel builders have.

Deal: it’s up to 40% off until tomorrow.


2. LearnDash

There’s no better LMS for WordPress than LearnDash. It’s been around for years, is reliable, integrates with just about every other tool out there, and actually looks pretty nice out-of-the box after their v3.0 update.

Deal: 50% off all their plans for the next few hours. Use coupon code CM2021.

WS Form

3. WS Form

WS Form has been a recent addition to my toolbox, and quite frankly I was blown away by its power. You can easily build complex forms that simply aren’t possible with most other form builders.

Its founder Mark is super helpful as responsive as well.

Deal: Get 30% off all plans using coupon code BF30. Not sure when it ends, but possibly by tonight.

WP Grid Builder

4. WP Grid Builder

WP Grid Builder is simple to use and works amazingly well. If you have an archive of blog posts, Woo products, or any other custom post type that needs sorting/filtering/searching, this is the plugin to get.

It also has a direct integration with Oxygen.

Deal: 40% off all plans until Dec 1.

This is their best offer of the year, and they only offer the LTD on certain occasions.

Meta Box

5. Meta Box

If you didn’t pick up Advanced Custom Fields when it had an LTD back in the day, Meta Box is a pretty good value pick.

While not as popular as ACF, it’s arguably more powerful and has better performance when used on large sites.

Deal: Get $100 off their LTD using code WPROCKET – total comes to $399.

They’ve announced that they’re raising the price to $699 on December 1st, so this is a good time to buy if you’re interested.

WP Rocket

6. WP Rocket

WP Rocket has been my preferred performance optimization plugin for years.

You should always use server-side caching when possible, but WP Rocket has other handy features like CSS/JS minification, delay JS execution, video lazy-loading, link preloading, CDN integration and more.

Deal: Get 30% off until tomorrow

Monster Contracts

7. MonsterContracts

I bought MonsterContracts last Black Friday and put it to use right away.

You get a comprehensive Master Services Agreement and Website Management agreement that’s easy to read & understand. It covers everything from deliverables, payments, refunds, plugin updates, accessibility and more.

Just make some slight tweaks to the Word doc and you’re ready to go. A huge time saver.

Deal: 20% off until December 4 using code BLACKFRIDAY.

Honorable Mentions

A must-have addon pack for Oxygen.

Deal: 15% off LTD using code 15FORBLACKFRIDAY.

A screen recording & editing tool that’s gotten a lot better over the past couple of years. Great for making educational videos.

Deal: Get 25% off until tomorrow.

I finally just ordered a standing desk (and the Muv mat) for myself. I can’t speak to the quality of it just yet obviously, but I did quite a bit of research and Fully seems to be one of the best options out there that’s still relatively budget-friendly.

Deal: Get 15% off until tomorrow. This is their best sale of the year.

Hopefully you found this round-up helpful 🙂

If you want to see a larger list of BFCM deals, you can check out my blog post here.

Have a great rest of your Monday!