Quick story time…

My girlfriend and I recently purchased our second property (in this economy??) and are going through the process of renovating it now.

We’re taking an older single-family home that smells like smoke and turning it into what will hopefully become a beautiful duplex by the time it’s done.


One of the first steps is getting the floor plans submitted to the city for approval – which is done by a certified draftsman/draftswoman.

So we hired one to do ours…

and our experience was not good!

There wasn’t much thought put into the initial floor plans. We needed to provide them 5 options of our own to get something we liked.

Even then, they were a week late in giving us the final drawings.

We had to follow up every couple days, and there was no apology when we did eventually get them.

Want to hear the real kicker?

Immediately after, they sent us an invoice for $2k!

Two thousand dollars to certify our floor plan and provide a poor customer experience.

I thought to myself… damn, it wasn’t long ago that I charged slightly more than that to build a full out website.

Custom design, fast performance, security and all.

The difference in value per $ is insane.

Are you good at what you do? Do you communicate with your clients? Are your clients happy in the end?

You may not believe it, but if so, you’re already ahead of 80% of other service providers out there.

You’re probably undercharging.

So use this as a reminder that it might be time to raise your rates.

Usually the toughest part is giving ourselves the permission to charge more.

And if that’s not enough to convince you…

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