If you’ve followed me or this blog for any period of time, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Oxygen.

I pretty much use it on every new site build these days.

HOWEVER, with its amazing power comes some small drawbacks – meaning it’s not always the best option for every single use case.

When it comes to building landing pages, whether or not you should use Oxygen Builder or is a little tricky.

Let me explain…

What do I mean by landing pages?

First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing here.

For this question, by landing pages I’m talking about pages that are independent from the rest of your site.

They have a very specific purpose (ex. a Black Friday sale, a product launch, a survey form etc.) and typically don’t include the header and footer from your site.

Because they’re so specific, it’s common to have a lot of them.

Any page that is linked to from your main menu, I’d consider more of a “core” page.

You can use Oxygen to build your site’s core pages without any hesitation.

What you need to consider before using Oxygen to build your landing pages

Now that it’s clear what I mean by landing page…

You can definitely still use Oxygen to create landing pages as well.

There’s just one thing I’d consider before going all in: future-proofing.

Because you can’t run Oxygen inside of a theme, just know that if you ever need to move away from Oxygen for whatever reason, your landing pages will go with it.

Whether this matters to you or not depends on how many pages you’ll be creating, how you’re creating them, and how long you expect them to live for.

  • If you’re just going to make a couple pages… go for it!
  • If you’re using an Oxygen template + Gutenberg/custom fields for the inner content… go for it!
  • If the landing pages wouldn’t survive a major website refresh anyways… go for it!


If you’ll be creating a lot of landing pages inside the builder editor and they need to stick around indefinitely, you may want to use a more theme-friendly builder instead.

Example scenario: combining Oxygen with another page builder

I’ve had a client who was publishing at least one custom landing page each and every month.

That means that if they were to ever switch away from Oxygen, they’d have to rebuild their 10-15 core pages (as expected), but also their 50+ landing pages.

Not super ideal.

That’s why in that specific scenario, I chose to use Oxygen + Elementor.

Oxygen for the core templates & pages, and Elementor solely for the landing pages.

That way if they ever actually end up doing a full rebuild, they can rebuild their core pages and simply leave Elementor activated without it affecting the rest of their site.

Hopefully you found this post helpful.

If there’s anything you’d like me to clarify further, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!