Happy Thanksgiving to those down south, and welcome back to another edition of The Lab Report!

Today is possibly the worst day to talk about anything non “50% OFF!!” related, so I figured I’d just lean in to the hype machine.

I just published a new YouTube video reviewing the top WordPress Black Friday Cyber Monday deals this year.

I go through all my top picks, why I like them, and what their dealio is.

Reviewing the top WordPress Black Friday Cyber Monday deals this year

I tried to get this video out earlier today, but the YouTube processing times got me beat this time around.

(I also accidentally exported in the wrong aspect ratio, but we’re going to ignore that).

Almost all of these deals run until Monday though, so you should still be good.

Here’s a link to the video.

I’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled programming and maybe my top 5 tips & tricks on how to ensure your partner doesn’t see your credit card statement.

Have a great weekend!

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