Unfortunately I don’t have a real newsletter for you this week.

But maybe I have one better?

Jonathan Jernigan and I did a live stream this morning chatting about components and page builders.

He also gave me an… interesting introduction.

Cwicly components live stream with Sunny Trochaniak and Jonathan Jernigan
Click here to watch the video on YouTube

In case you’re not familiar, components will change the game when it comes to building scalable websites.

When you modify a master component, it gets reflected across your entire site.

Then you can have instances that override default properties.

Super useful for cards, info boxes, buttons, CTAs, or any other element that you use multiple times across your website. Even full-on sections.

Components will also make it a lot easier for your clients to come in and change content – without breaking all the layouts that took you hours to set up.

In the live chat, Kevin Geary said that it was “the number one thing missing from all site builders that aren’t named Webflow.”

Cwicly is the first page builder to bring components to WordPress, I know their team worked through the night to bring a pre-beta release that we could play around with.

(I’m not joking – we got the file 10 minutes before the stream started. Their real beta gets released next week).

Click the thumbnail to see their teaser video

If you’re doing some work on the couch this weekend and want some light background entertainment, feel free to give it a watch 🙂

P.S. I know I should’ve sent an email before the live stream so that you could come in and hang out with us.

Truthfully, this was my first ever live stream and I wasn’t sure how it would go. I wasn’t sure I wanted people watching lol.

It ended up being really fun, and I’m currently thinking about how I can do more content like this in the future.

Would that be something of interest to you?

Let me know!

Have a great weekend,